I didn’t go to culinary school. Does that mean I shouldn’t try to cook new, interesting and sometimes complicated recipes?

I didn’t go to technical school or apprentice as a plumber. Does that mean I shouldn’t replace my own garbage disposal?

I didn’t go to college to earn a degree in business. Does that mean that I shouldn’t start a business?

No, no and no. So, why in the world do people insist that they can’t homeschool because neither parent went to school for education? Why? Because they are scared.

  • Scared they won’t know the answer to a question.
  • Scared they will screw something up.
  • Scared of what others will say.
  • Scared they will fail their children.

I’m here as someone who does have a degree in education to scream from the rooftops STOP IT! Stop it. Stop it Stop it.

Yes, public and private school teachers may have a degree you do not have. Yes, they have resources you may not have. Yes, they are the more “acceptable” option in the eyes of most. But you, my friend, have known your child since birth. You know their ins and outs. You have been their teacher – whether or not you realized it – for years. Do not let your educational background stand in your way.

Should everyone homeschool? No. I would never advocate for it being the only way to school children or even the best way to school children. It is all about context. You need to consider your family and your surroundings. This is where my questions at the top of the page come in. Just because I didn’t go to school to do something, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to do it. But I have to be mindful of what I know and my surroundings – I shouldn’t be reckless. For example, I didn’t go to medical school. Does that mean I shouldn’t preform surgery? Absolutely- as long as I’m in the US (or other country with access to trained medical professionals). I don’t have the knowledge I need to do it. But what if I’m in a remote jungle location, I’m the only one who knows a little about how to save someone by removing a partially removed limb and I have the tools to do so? Then, maybe I need to do it. See where I’m at. It’s about context and your surroundings. As you consider your surroundings, your family and your context, don’t let your educational background be what is stopping you.

Is homeschooling easy? No. You become the classroom teacher, specials teacher, principal, superintendent, custodian, librarian, bus driver, lunch lady, instructional aide, technology guru, counselor, curriculum coordinator, nurse and so much more in an instant. You don’t have a daily support staff. You don’t even get a planning time or a lunch break. Homeschooling is hard. Homeschooling is time consuming. But if you want to do it, don’t let your educational background be what is stopping you.

Are you going to know every answer or strategy? No. Secret time. Neither do I and I spent four years of undergraduate work and two years of graduate work and countless continuing education conferences and classes learning the tricks of the trade. Google is still my friend. Other moms and teachers hear from me too. As a homeschooling family, you need to build a community – in person or virtually – you can rely on when you are stuck. Need a place you can ask your questions? Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. Shoot me an email, a message, an Instagram DM – I’m here for you. Do NOT give into the lie that you can’t because you don’t have all the answers – no one does. Your problem is not your educational background, so don’t let your educational background be what is stopping you.

Will everyone agree that you should be homeschooling your children? No. Is there anything in life that everyone agrees on any more? If their argument is about your lack of a degree, politely ask them if they have learned everything they know in a formal way? You can be a great teacher without learning to teach in a classroom setting. Do not let them make you feel like your educational background makes you less of a teacher. Your educational background should not be what is stopping you.

Will you always do everything right? No. You are going to screw things up and make mistakes. It is part of the journey. You are going to try things that just don’t work and you’re going to stick with some things longer than you should. But that has nothing to do with your educational background and everything to do with being human. Did you know that teachers with their doctorate in education still make mistakes? I know a it’s a shock! Don’t let your educational background be what is stopping you.

Are you going to fail your children? Not likely. I know, I know, it doesn’t fit the no pattern. But this one you have a chance for your thinking to being right. It is possible to fail your children but honestly, you have to try really hard to do so. To fail, you have to not do. You have to leave them to their own devices and not work with them. If you are willing to put in the work, continue to learn together, and build a community to support your family, you are going to do just fine. Failure has nothing to do with your educational background so do not let your educational background be what is stopping you.

Did you hear me? Do not let your educational background be what is stopping you. Drop the excuse right now because that is what it is an excuse. Become a self-taught teacher. It is possible. Keep it smart. Keep it simple.