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behind rebel lines
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Hmmm . . . .

Occasionally, truth is more incredible than fiction. Follow along with the incredible and unique story of Emma Edmonds – a female soldier and spy during the American Civil War. Be prepared for students to laugh, argue and keep turning the pages in this suspenseful book. 

Thinking While Reading

As with all my novel studies, schema activation, predictions, space to record independent thinking, journal prompts, get out of the book activities and personal reflection questions take the forefront with a few traditional comprehension questions sprinkled in here and there. Why do I write them that way? Because, children need the opportunity to do more than read the words written in a book. They need to spend time with it, roll the content around in their brains, and make decisions with and without the guidance of the teacher. Here’s your chance for adventure, let’s go!

What’s in a Novel Study?

Each novel study contains several sections and each section a variety of parts.


Getting Started & Wrap It Up

Open up and pull together your thinking with these two sections that occur only once in each study.

Comprehension Questions

While these questions may be more traditional, don’t expect them to be easy. Dig into the text to find the answers. 


While You are Reading

Metacognition – thinking about thinking – brings out a greater understanding of the content. 


Journal Your Thoughts

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore 


Get Out of the Book

Research, create, try something new – this part of each novel study section is about digging deeper and discovering more than what the text directly states. 

What About You?

Use these prompts to create connections, form & defend an opinion and consider your own characteristics & actions and compare yourself to 

Similar Novel Studies

Want a suggestion for another study? Have an idea for us?
Here are a couple of suggestions and a way to share your idea with us. 

The Hobbit

Adventure seekers wanted – gold, dragons, goblins, dwarves, fairies, invisibility all included! Grab their attention with the story. Grow their mind with a variety of deep thinking and processing activities. Win their hearts with a classic. Win their minds with meaningful work.  


Our lives are full of distinctive markers where we are changed forever. For Brian, “the secret” and the subsequent divorce are just such events. Little does he know that this is just the beginning and that this summer break will forever change everything.

Have an Idea?

What book does your family want to read? Send Us Your Request for a New Novel Study


Note: Though we would love to turn every book into a novel study, each study takes a significant amount of time. Please be aware that though all recommendations will be considered, not all can be accomplished.