Cold days make us huddle up inside. This means extra energy that we need to burn off. Hopefully, some of these toddler activities will help run off some extra energy.

1. Fake Snow Sensory Bin – Mix together 16 ounces of cornstarch to 1 cup of hair conditioner. Now, you have fake snow. Place your concoction in a container you can use for a sensory bin. Feel free to add spoons, Dixie cups, pinecones and other items to increase your fun.

2. Snowball Fight – Ball up papers or roll socks to make snowballs. Toss at a target or each other.

3. Color Search – Cut small pieces of paper of various colors. Have your toddler pull one from the inside of a basket or bag. Send them on a search for items in the house that are the small color.

4. Color Museum – Use the items found in the previous activity and set up a special display in the house. Kids love to make museums and show off their hard work.

5. Indoor Obstacle Course – Are there stairs in your house? What about chairs? Use what you have to make an obstacle course path. We love to have the kids run up and then down their stairs, climb under and over chairs, go through pillow tunnels and jump down the hallway. These obstacle courses don’t have to be complicated to wear little ones straight to nap time.

6. Bring the Real Snow Inside – If you are lucky enough to experience a real snow, bring it inside in your sensory bucket. This keeps everyone warmer. I recommend you put the sensory bin in the tub or on tile / linoleum for faster clean up but when all we had was carpet, we still did it over top of a waterproof table cloth.

There you go. Six quick younger sibling activities to help get you through those cold January days. No matter how you choose to occupy your littlest ones, remember keep smart. Keep it simple.