Rigor relates to the quality and depth of the work rather than the amount of work. Rigor is not the same as more work. In many cases, rigorous work can infuse more learning into less time with less work than the piles of “practice work” given in less rigorous classrooms. No one wants to spend extended periods of time practicing for the sake of practice. While many would gladly do something that requires a deeper amount of work and thinking because it holds purpose and focus.

As a homeschooling family, we do not have a reason for school to take a certain amount of time each day. While we do not rush through our lessons, we also do not dally in meaningless practice. Instead, we strive to dig deep and use our information in practical ways. Rigorous work allows us to do more with the time we do spend directly on school work.

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Rigor is not about complicating school or more work. Keep it smart. Keep it simple.